Arun and friends created Vanaville a few years ago to start his own company in a field: bookbinding. He had already ten years of experience in Auroville. Vanaville, or Vanavil, means rainbow in Tamil. Arc en ciel, the French for rainbow, is the community in Auorville Arun lives in. Michel joined the company about one year ago to help and bring new ideas about book-binding, which he learnt in France for eight years in his spare time after his daily work. It is always a nice feeling to work in a field you like and to learn new things every day. Our workers have a lot of experience and we try as best as we can to make the best quality products even if it takes more time, as we find it very important, for us, and for the workers, who are proud of their job. In the years to come, we are expecting to grow progressively and specialize in high quality binding, boxes, as well as developing original new products. If you happen to pass by Auroville give us a call and we will be happy to show you our company. See you soon. Arun & Michel